Hello, I’m Julia Kavan – author and editor. Welcome to my double life.

I write and edit dark fiction, horror and thrillers (supernatural and psychological) as Julia Kavan, and I write more ‘gentle’ supernatural suspense/mysteries as Beth Kelan. Here, you can taste both genres…

Out of the Shadows

shadows-avatarI spent most of my childhood living in one kind of fantasy or another – either getting lost in the different worlds and times captured in the pages of the books I read until late at night, or writing my own stories to escape into.

I still disappear into my own mind to spend time with the people and creatures that lurk in the shadows waiting for me to notice them, but now I hope to drag a few of them out into the open and introduce them to you.

The stuff of nightmares

I love fiction that delves into the darkest parts of the human psyche. I like characters with flaws that run deep and who keep the blackest of secrets, I like stories that leave me breathless and wanting more. I like characters that wrench at my heart and leave me questioning myself about my own thoughts and desires. So, that is the kind of fiction I strive to write.

I also love a good ghost story. I love a good nightmare even more – after all there is probably nothing as scary as our own subconscious.

Some of the stories I write explore the idea that the things that go bump in the night and what goes on in the backs of our minds are interlinked. After all, how often is the unexplained dismissed as being a figment of the imagination? But, how often are the phenomena we see and hear actually created by our own minds? Do the dead come back to haunt us or do we summon them? Or do we unwittingly generate our own phantoms? Are there really demons out there seeking out their victims?

Perhaps we create our own demons –  most of us denying their existence… but some of us willingly giving in to their whispers.

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